Another “Progress Report” Addition

How am I ever going to finish the Progress Report on southern Tribeca if I have to keep updating Progress Report: Northern Tribeca?

Yesterday afternoon, I went up to the new Xoos French Shirts shop on Lispenard—more on that soon—where I met Cheryl Cohen of Trend Setter Realty (, the broker who worked with Xoos on the space. She and a man I assume was her husband were buying some shirts. As we chatted, she mentioned that she had also leased 11 Lispenard, two doors to the east. I don’t know what it was before—maybe an office?

Gabe, who owns the Tribeca Barber Shop on Beach (right; it’s the one you enter via the affiliated Ralph’s Shoe Repair next door), will open Johnny’s Cuts; it’ll offer haircuts for “fathers and kids,” he said when I dropped by later. The opening is expected in a month or two.

I’ve added it to Progress Report: Northern Tribeca, along with opening info for Lolë and details on Grown & Sewn’s new space.


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