Match Game: Apartment Buildings’ Names

Let’s play a game!

New apartment buildings often use their addresses as their names—consider 200 Chambers, 34 Leonard, 471 Washington, 33 Vestry, 101 Warren, 88 Leonard, 1 N. Moore, to name just seven that come to mind—because it makes their locations easier to keep straight. (One York being a notable exception that line of reasoning.) Every now and then, however, a developer chooses poetry over the prosaic—even if all that branding often disappears once all the units have been sold….

Can you match each of the following buildings with its address? The winner gets… nothing! (Because clearly you could just Google it all. But even if you couldn’t there probably wouldn’t be a prize. We’re above all that, right?)

1. Cobblestone Lofts
2. The Fairchild Lofts
3. River Lofts
4. Skylofts
5. The Tribeca
6. Tribeca Abbey
7. Tribeca Summit
8. Tribeca Townhomes
9. Truffles Tribeca
10. Zinc Building

a. 121 Reade
b. 16 Warren
c. 55 Vestry
d. 303 Greenwich
e. 28 Laight
f. 415 Greenwich
g. 34 Desbrosses
h. 145 Hudson
i. 92 Laight/416 Washington
j. 475 Greenwich

The answers are after these photos. The man in the middle photo, by the way, is looking at me that way because I was telling Howard how beautiful he is.


1. Cobblestone Lofts = e. 28 Laight
2. The Fairchild Lofts = c. 55 Vestry
3. River Lofts = i. 92 Laight/416 Washington
4. Skylofts = h. 145 Hudson
5. The Tribeca = d. 303 Greenwich
6. Tribeca Abbey = a. 121 Reade
7. Tribeca Summit = f. 415 Greenwich
8. Tribeca Townhomes = b. 16 Warren
9. Truffles Tribeca = g. 34 Desbrosses
10. Zinc Building = j. 475 Greenwich

If you got any wrong, maybe these photos will help jog your memory….



  1. Howard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those of us working on Japan relief efforts are grateful that Howard has chosen to wear the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji, on his forehead in solidarity. Thank you, Howard, you are indeed a beautiful man.