New Kid on the Block: Tachi Gallery

Real-estate developer Joe Scarpinito has opened Tachi Gallery in one of his Tribeca buildings, Pearline Soap Factory. “I’ve been collecting for around 30 years, so I have over a thousand pieces, most sitting in a warehouse in Brooklyn,” he said. Seeing as how he had commercial space available, why not use it? Currently, a group show is up: There are works by Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussay, Victor Wang, and Jeanne Lorioz, as well as 40 Paul Klee lithographs from the 1920s that Scarpinito discovered unframed in his father’s basement. Gallery manager Jane Bassolino (below) says that soon, however, the gallery will be devoted to portraits by Sasson Soffer, an artist who was originally from Iraq, lived in New York City, and died two years ago. As for the dice in the corner, they’re evidently part of Scarpinito’s decision-making process. Tachi Gallery is at 414 Washington (at Laight), 212-226-6828; Recent NKOTB articles:
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  1. Is the gallery for the public to view?

  2. Congratulations Joe Scarpinito. The new kid on block is yours “Tachi Gallery”.
    WOW!! What a galllery….The setting is beautiful and the paintings super impressive. Best wishes…Ms. E. Gomez