12 Tweets of Tribeca

The rules of Tweebeca: 1) I don’t necessarily agree with them. 2) I’m 99.7% positive they’re about our Tribeca and not, say, the nightclub in Lagos. 3) If you see good ones, send them to me @TribecaCitizen. There are actually 15, not 12, but I’m not abandoning my brand now. (To find more of these posts, search “Tweebeca.”)



  1. Comment about top hat and dollar signs got to me. I’ve lived in Tribeca most of my life and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’m about as far from the economic profile of the current average resident as one can get. But I have to admit (somewhat sheepishly) that on occasion, when I’ve wanted to shut down some pompous moneybags I know is trying to take my measure, I’ve let slip that I live in Tribeca. It’s awfully superficial, but there are certain types who, when they hear that magic word, take it that you’re “one of them” and not among the hoi polloi they’d otherwise avoid. Sad, but I must own up to it. The image of living here can cut a number of ways.

  2. Always entertaining – today, particularly so. Thanks Erik!