Arriving at the Ball (Part 3)

If full outfits are your thing, check out part 1 and part 2 of Krystl Hall‘s photo essays of people arriving at last night’s Tribeca Ball, an annual event at the New York Academy of Art. If shoes are what tickles your fancy, however, just keep scrolling down. (Krystl wrote captions for some of the photos, which I’ve included here; by the way, the shoes above are Yves Saint Laurent, worn by Kate Spade.) Hankering for more? Krystl’s Flickr set has even more photos than have run on Tribeca Citizen.

When she tried these on at the Michael Kors store, the zipper at the back broke, and all the clerks in the store couldn't get them off her. They had to cut them off. She ordered a fresh pair, but put WD-40 on the zips before she put them on.

Sandra used to be a ballroom dancer, and modeled shoes for Barry Free—a British dance-shoe maker. When he made these shoes for the daughter of a Russian dignitary, he made Sandra a copy and signed them to her. They are very precious to her, and she doesn't wear them often.

Sonja Morgan's shoes.

Rachel Roy's shoes

Anne Koch had henna-ed feet and had made her own pompoms for her shoes.

They're Chanel.



  1. These are brilliant pictures. More Krystl (sp?) Hall, please!

  2. Love the story and the pictures. Great job!

    Sandra Sanches

  3. Great pics Krystl! Cant wait to see more…


  4. I love it, love it, love it!

  5. It’s so beautiful the shoes, I love shoes and this party show how beautiful they are. I lvoe so much Sandra’s shoes, they are so chic.