In the News: Turkey Farm

by Librado Romero for the New York Times

••• The New York Times writes about the “turkey-shaped” farm coming Battery Park. Maybe this part was in previous reports, but if so, I missed it: The fence is “made from the bamboo poles used in last year’s ‘Big Bambú’ installation on the roof garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The identical-twin artists Doug and Mike Starn donated them.” (The relevance of the Starns being twins is a bit hazy.)

••• Broadsheet Daily on this past weekend’s Downtown Little League opening day and parade: “Battery Park City chairman Bill Thompson and Authority president Gayle Horwitz addressed the crowd, as did Community Board 1 chair Julie Menin and DLL president Bill Martino, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and City Council member Margaret Chin.” Six speakers? Yikes.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy dissects a non-recent-but-still-notable sale at 101 Warren. If you’re fascinated by the real-estate market, you really need to be reading him.

••• Broadsheet Daily recaps Pier A. This was news to me (um, I don’t always read past the third paragraph of most news articles): “Nevertheless, the Poulakakos team indicated their commitment to public service with assurances that they would offer community groups the catering space free-of-charge during off-peak hours. In addition, they are planning an educational use of the pier’s north side. The New York Harbor School, based on Governors Island, will run an oyster farm with interpretive signage in that space. Mr. McDonald pointed out that the oysters were not going to be served, at least in the near future, to patrons of the oyster bar. Rather, they are meant to provide a contemporary demonstration of the role oysters have played in the history of New York harbor.”

••• DNAinfo profiles Korin.


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