In the News: Chien Cochère

••• “BPC Resident Sues for $5 Million Over PEP Incident: Adam Pratt Alleges ‘False Imprisonment, False and Unlawful Arrest,’ and More.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “A 10-foot section of cornice at 85 Walker Street dislodged from the 188-year-old building, narrowly missing pedestrians on the busy street that straddles Tribeca and Chinatown.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “The Spruce Street School’s spacious new digs at downtown’s glittering $680 million Frank Gehry-designed skyscraper aren’t large enough to accommodate the school’s expansion plans, parents say.” (DNAinfo)

••• Two apartments in the same line at River Lofts are on the market; Curbed compares them.

••• More on Manhattan Youth’s aspiration to build a theater and gym (below) over the Warren Street dog run: “Townley particularly wants the new space to serve local teenagers, who often get forgotten amid all the efforts to serve downtown’s younger kids […].” My guess is that teens like it that way. (DNAinfo)


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  1. Does Bob really think that teens will want to go there?
    Building over the dog run will make the space dark without any sunlight coming in & then we all won’t bring our dogs there & he will then ask to build down so I say no to this ridiculous plan!