Seen & Heard: Patron of the New

••• The revamped Stuzzicheria reopens tonight. It’s going for more of a country Italian vibe. I’m crossing my fingers….

••• Patron of the New is opening Saturday: It’s coming to the old Intérieurs space at 149–151 Franklin (right), and it’ll sell men’s, women’s, and interior items.

••• You can now get a straight-edge shave at John Allan’s Tribeca from new barber Matt. It’s $30 for first-time shave clients until May 1, at which point it’ll cost $44 for members or $49 for non members.

••• “The Flea is proud to bring back Pay-What-You-Can Tuesdays. Tickets are available at the door only, starting at 6 p.m. each Tuesday and are valid only for that performance.”

••• From CITYarts: “Come help us restore the Alice Mural! [The one on the north side of Chambers, just east of West St.] Stop by any time 10am-5pm! This mural was created in 2002 by the students at Stuyvesant High School. The design, based on “Alice in Wonderland,” shows Alice exploring areas of NYC related to the students’ lives. After September 11th, the creative group thought about re-doing their design to be more fitting to current events, but decided not to because it demonstrated their New York pride and their belief that even after such tragedy, the wonder was still there. Now, the 70 ft long mural needs touch up where paint is chipped, outlining around pre-existing designs to make them stand out, removal of graffiti, and some re-creation of scenes that are worn away.” Sounds like an excuse to run one of my favorite photos….


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  1. You are too funny.
    You are the perfect foil for The TriBeCa mom mafia.

    A TriBeCa dad

    Btw, iPhone autocorrects TriBeCa. I would not do that myself