In the News: Candy Raid

by Amy Zimmer (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• Jin Market/Picnic Basket is among the stores that the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission raided—because it was selling Kinder eggs (those candy eggs with toys inside). (DNAinfo)

••• “Manhattan Youth, an organization that multiple Downtown populations rely upon for many different kinds of support, is being rocked by government budget cuts at exactly the moment when it is being called upon to deliver more services that ever before.” Um, in which case…? (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “New York’s last tall ships—once-proud symbols of the Big Apple’s rise to greatness—are in a shameful state of disrepair as the museum that’s supposed to care for them sinks in a Bermuda Triangle of debt and bad management.” (New York Post)

••• A funny New Yorker cartoon—well, funny to me because I live here? (via Curbed)


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