In the News: Free Cupcakes

••• “President Barack Obama [will] visit Ground Zero on Thursday to mark the death of Osama bin Laden and pay homage to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.  […] On Thursday, Obama also plans to meet with the families of 9/11 victims, a White House official confirmed.” Somebody’s finally acting like he wants to get re-elected. (DNAinfo)

••• The New Yorker interviewed Ted Danson at the Whole Foods Tribeca.

••• “Since sales relaunched in August, 65 of the 174 units [at One Rector Park] have gone to contract.” (Curbed)

••• The Hollywood Reporter reviewed Edward “Burnsie” Burns’s latest film, Newlyweds. Related: He and his wife, Chritsy Turlington, were spotted waiting patiently for the afterparty at M1-5. (New York Post)

••• “Now that his Theater Bar is up and running in Tribeca, it looks like Albert Trummer is ready to expand his empire by teaching other bartenders his brand of high-end mixology. The man takes his cocktails seriously—on a recent visit to the bar, one patron was denied a dirty martini because it wasn’t on the list (the house didn’t even have any olives to make the drink on the fly). Classes will range from two days to three weeks, and there are options for both working bartenders and novices who want to learn a secret or two.” Its name is Albert Trummer’s School of Cocktail Artistry and Mixology. (Zagat via Eater)

••• “The image at right explains when and where Sprinkles will be giving out cupcakes for the next week. It’s all in a move to promote the May 13 opening of the LA-based cupcake chain’s first ever New York City store, located on the Upper East Side in the former Gino space. Check here for more.” Battery Park, huh? To appeal to tourists? Rockefeller Park or Pier 25 would’ve made much more sense. (Eater) UPDATE: Um, see the comments. UPDATE AGAIN: My brain is clearly breaking down. The free cupcakes will be in Battery Park on this Saturday and Sunday.


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  1. who cares? An L.A. cupcake can never be better than Magnolia’s.