Seen & Heard: Another Accident

••• Got this email last night: “At Greenwich and Reade, and I just passed what looked like another pedestrian hit by a car. She was lying in the street with a fire truck and ambulance around. She was awake and moving, so hopefully OK.” Indeed. And another Tribecan just emailed me about it, noting that it’s “a truly scary corner.” Double indeed. Is the DOT keeping count?

••• According to a comment on my original post, the restaurant Epifaneo is “really happening,” perhaps just for tonight (which would explain why it’s in an event space). Also: “$10 admission gets you all the food you can eat.”

••• A second Preservation Hall Jazz Band show has been added at City Winery (May 25). Also coming: Jesse Malin and Juliana Hatfield (June 25), F0untains of Wayne (Aug. 5).

••• Bring your mom—or someone who can pass for her—to Pasanella & Son this Saturday or Sunday and get 20% off.

••• Bill Barrett‘s “911” sculpture was installed yesterday in Finn Square. Congratulations, Bill!



  1. Did the three women hit last month count as 3 out of 5 if so we only need one more and they will finally look at the corner. Why can everyone who crosses that street realize that it is just a matter of time before someone is killed but the DOT experts don’t see the increase in traffic is causing a hazard. Did anyone hear about the condition of the three women last month? I am still waiting to hear the logic behind the double stop signs at Staple and Harrison.

  2. The problem with the Reade and Greenwich corner is that there is no crosswalk across Greenwich because Reade dead-ends into Greenwich. People should cross Greenwich at Chambers for now (it’s really only half a block up, not even a whole block), but in the future the DOT should install a crosswalk at least.