Kutsher’s Tribeca: The Menu

Tonight’s meeting of the CB1 Tribeca Committee had at least one juicy surprise up its sleeve—more on that tomorrow—but first, we got a peek at the menu of Kutsher’s Tribeca, the restaurant (related to the Catskills resort) that’s coming to the old TriBakery/Mai House space at 186 Franklin. Zach Kutsher called it a “modern Jewish-food-inspired bistro.” It’ll certainly be big: a capacity of 167, with 30 tables (120 seats) in the dining room and 15 stools (35 seats total, thanks to some tables) at the bar. They wanted closing hours of 1 a.m. weeknights and 2 a.m. weekends, and got an hour earlier. But who cares? Let’s look at the massive menu! There are enough classics—latke! egg creams! varnishkes!—to send old-school types to heaven, or wherever. But the newfangled takes are what will really catch your attention. Some of these are for lunch, some for dinner. (Click to enlarge.) If this makes you hungry, sorry: Kutsher’s Tribeca is hoping to open in mid-September.



  1. should probably be called “Kitsch”ers, but I’m intrigued!

  2. @Rachel: And I didn’t even post the drinks menu, complete with a “bug juice” cocktail

  3. I’d give it a try or two for old timee sake…
    The menu is far too ambitious and the restaurant has too many seats.
    Are they trying to be a Jewish Cheesecake Factory?

    Lots of seats means lots of wait/bus staff.
    I wonder how many daily covers they’ve got to have to make profit?

    Are there enough Jews left in NYC to make this place a success.
    People younger than 60 wouldn’t eat this food.

    The menu is full o’ stuff which killed my relatives…OY

  4. Do you think they can take table pictures that you can buy in that little view finder? That would bring back such great memories.Can’t wait!!

  5. I think this is a fantastic idea and I am only sorry Montreal isn’t getting one. A whole generation of my parents are pretty well gone; my generation would never have gone to the Catskill’s for vacations but I think the generation of my kids (20 +) are ready to be reminded what the Borscht Belt and Jewish food is all about.

    (of course my daughter was conceived at the Concord)

  6. I think they should hire me as a consultant, don’t you?
    Tania Grossinger, author of “Growing Up at Grossinger’s”.

  7. Looking foward to dinning Kutschers style, even though I always prefered Hy’s Flying Saucer. Just don’t want to wear a leisure suit?

  8. @Tania – No, I don’t.

  9. I am wondering whay oick Franklin st. and not midtown where it could attrack poeple from all 5 boroughs and beyond?
    Also, adding some Jewish modern music should help with greater clientale.

  10. i dont understand the concept?

    if it isnt kosher rather old jewish style who is their target market? the non religous hipsters over 70?

  11. Hi there !
    I always liked the Flying Saucer too !
    But then again – I think if you ate as many DECADES of meals in any hotel dining room , as I did at KCC , you would look for alternatives !
    (especially the 3 Summers I worked as a lifeguard and lived there for 10 weeks at a time )

    So , you are among the very first to learn that I am , according to Eater.com , “the prominent member of the Tribeca Jewish Community” mysteriously referenced in their first postings – when it somehow leaked to the Post. While I will own-up to having leaked certain things to the Post myself over the years – this must have come from one of our investors. it was premature for us to be announcing anything.

    Zach’s grandfather , Milton (obm) served on my family’s bank board of directors for 10 years , and was succeeded by his son Mark for an additional 10 years until I sold the bank to North Fork. Zach , Mark’s son , worked as a lawyer @Cravath and other fine firms and then realized he yearned for his “hospitality roots” , and went to culinary management school !

    When he had completed (what he thought would be the final ;) business plan his father advised him to come to me for advice.

    The rest as they say , is history. I decided to become an active major partner instead of advisor , and I spent over a year refining the concept with Zach and others. I then introduced Zach to my friend of 20yrs , Jeff Chodorow, ostensibly to contract with China Grill Management so that the service quality and food quality , as well as overall management would all be of the highest caliber.

    I also felt that it should be located in the heart of the “Tribeca neighborhood and dining corridor”. As a co-founding and still active director of http://www.jcpdowntown.org ( the lobby is dedicated to my late father (obm) , Siggi. So in fact , is my son. ( Siggi ) ).

    Zach did not want to be constrained in “modern Jewish bistro” by being strictly Kosher. There will be a GREAT many items on the menu for “all but the most Glatt” of Kosher guests. My years of demographic study and insight into all of the UJA/federation studies ratified what we had assumed to be true with regard to the small percentage of families who are kosher outside the home. It is a very slender percentage.

    It’s not in Midtown, because at it’s essential core – Kutsher’s Tribeca will be what KCC in Monticello always was : a family place. In an urban vernacular that translates into a “neighborhood place” as well. Midtown is terrific – i lived my first 12 years in NYC on 56th and 6th ; but it is definitely not a neighborhood in the same vein as Tribeca which has attracted and fostered an unprecedented number of families. The land of the double-stroller , as it were.

    We will redefine “family-friendly” in our service (and menu), as we set our course to redefine “great NY-Jewish food” .

    I’m also proud to tell you that our fourth managing partner is my dear friend of a dozen years , Richard Kirshenbaum. Richard was the youngest inductee (or certainly among the very youngest) to be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame , and recently sold his wildly successful “Kirshenbaum , Bond” advertising and branding business. He remains as Executive Chairman , but now has the latitude to join us in Kutsher’s as an active participant. He brought a very special flair to the table ( and a brilliantly talented architect in tow as well !)

    Only Zach will be “an employee” per se , as well as a major partner. He will be there every day acting as general manager. he has been in training for a months with China Grill Mgmt chefs , managers , and execs. There will be no “beginner’s mistakes” . I will be there nearly every evening , along with my wife Karin. I will also be writing pithy comments on food blogs – and generally unrestrained and massively irreverent blogging letting everyone know what’s happening @KT.

    Further – by leveraging the enormous buying-power of CGM we will be able to offer a superlative level of quality provisions and ingredients , that otherwise might have been out of our price-point. if you want “family friendly , come very week or more” pricing , you often have to buy A- provisions. When you can avail yourself of CGM pricing – you can buy the finest meats from Pat LoFrieda, and other purveyors of similar renowned quality in their respective sectors.

    What else would you like to know ? This is going to be great fun for the whole family , and incredibly delicious. I spent 20 years avoiding any involvement in restaurants , or theatrical productions. “Batman” made me happy I was unyielding in that arena. Kutsher’s Tribeca has ALREADY made me glad I made an exception “no-restaurants” .

    I’m both hopeful and confident that soon after Labor day you will appreciate why this was such a compelling endeavor ! I can’t wait to see you all there.
    ( and for our kosher friends ; the pickled lox alone will be reason to stop by for brunch.)

    Alright – so I revealed my all time favorite Kutsher daytime food.
    The rest has to wait….
    The “CB1 meeting menu” posted in the Trib is a good guideline, but has already been further refined. I’ll refrain from greater detail on THAT , in so much as our “Bahn Mi” was … shall we say…..”borrowed” by a little outer-borough Jewish deli………..

  12. Boy that was a mouthful , huh ?
    I did a post-posting-proof and realized I left an incomplete point.
    We went to Jeff to hire CGM for management. Jeff grew up in Miami and was a fan of the Rascal House and Wolfie’s. Miami was always our “third stomping ground after home and Kutsher’s” so i remember them both well personally.

    Both offered high quality traditional NY Deli favorites ; and during lunch most people would simply deem it as such.

    But it was in fact a “full service family restaurant” . For many years that was a winning formula. For us , in this neighborhood , in 2011 ; you have to offer even more. We do , at least.

    There will be wines and craft-beers and really well-engineered cocktails , that complement the cuisine , and will certainly fit the ambiance of KT.

    Because while we may be decidedly family-focused : the families in Tribeca are pretty cool. We aim to be a direct reflection of this cool-family-‘hood.

  13. I get so excited about this I STILL didn’t finish that point !

    Jeff dug the idea so much he too , personally , became a major , active partner.

    I know , I know….there’s a built in conflict-of-interest there.
    But if Zach and I wanted to self-manage after a few years – or retain some other management agreement , we can do that.

    Although I have a hard time imagining we ever would.

    One of the most delicious things I’ve ever consumed anywhere in the world are Asia de Cuba’s Oxtail Spring Rolls……and a damn close second are the Food Parc “Katz’s Pastrami Egg Rolls”. Yes yes , I went from roll to roll , but I’m being candid , not writing for style….

  14. I haven’t looked at the menu yet, but, please tell me you’ll have the yogurt drink! Truly looking forward to having Kutsher’s in the neighborhood. My family has spent a lot of time there….let me know if you need any photos and we’ll start gathering them for you!