New Bathhouse on Its Way

The juicy surprise I alluded to earlier from last night’s meeting of the CB1 Tribeca Committee was that something called Ancient Bath is headed to 86-88 Franklin. I’m sort of embarrassed, because when I looked at the agenda and saw the weird zoning-related reviews of SoulCycle and the Wat (more on those in the next post), I figured the agenda item for 86-88 Franklin related to Peter Anthony Fitness or Eastern Athletic, which in hindsight was especially stupid because it’s on Leonard. Anyway.

A lawyerlike representative for Ancient Bath said that it’s a Spanish company building a “relaxation spa.” There will be five baths: saltwater, cold, whirlpool, hot, and one other that wasn’t named (or I missed it). Entry will be timed: You’ll sign up for a 2.5-hour slot, which includes a half-hour massage, and only 25–30 patrons will be allowed at a time. He likened it to Spa Castle in Queens, which I still haven’t been to and very much want to. The main floor will have lockers; the pools and sauna facilities are downstairs; the mezzanine is where the massages happen.

The architect showed images from a book whose relationship to the project was unclear. One was of a spa that looked a lot like Terme Vals in Switzerland (where I also really want to go), so I’m including it here. All in all, I’m excited: Having nearly made the Olympic tribathalon team back in the early 90s, I’m raring to get back in the water.

Here’s 86-88 Franklin (just east of Church):


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