Newsflash: Stable to Close Friday?

The NYPD has been pretty much silent about its plans to convert the 1st Precinct stable on Varick to a WTC command center, no doubt because it wants to avoid the neighborhood getting up in arms about it. If you were them, wouldn’t you move those horses out as quickly as possible?

I just got this email from a reader: “We were showing the 1st Precinct stables to friends visiting us, and the man who was cleaning the stables said that they are closing it—horses and all—THIS FRIDAY! Do you think there’s anything we Tribecans can do?”

And then this email came in: “Is anyone organizing a group to protest the relocation of the Tribeca horse stables? What about a rally at Taste of Tribeca?”

Taste of Tribeca, which is Saturday, would be too late. The only way to stop this is to put pressure on elected officials about whether it’s in Tribeca’s interest to have the WTC command center located 13 blocks from the WTC, in a primarily residential neighborhood, above a subway line. Obviously, many of us are upset about the loss of charm, but that’s unlikely to get us anything beyond sympathy.

The Broadsheet Daily’s list of Lower Manhattan electeds is here. And below is a letter you can send to them, with any variations you please. But first, please consider forwarding this to anyone who might be willing to get onboard.

Dear [name of elected official]:

I have been greatly distressed by the NYPD’s rumored plan to move the 1st Precinct’s stable from its longtime home on Varick Street. Obviously, the stable is a source of substantial delight to adults and children alike. But I am even more disturbed by the NYPD’s plans to install a command center for the World Trade Center in its place. The location is 13 blocks from the World Trade Center, in a highly residential neighborhood; moreover, the 1st Precinct headquarters is already a source of congestion and haphazard parking (including on sidewalks) in the area. Adding far more officers—most of whom will presumably drive to work—who will travel up and down Tribeca streets to get to the World Trade Center promises to negatively impact our quality of life.

Is there really no better location for the command center? Somewhere closer and less residential?

The public has had zero opportunity to engage on the topic. Indeed, the NYPD has been nearly silent about it, and now we’re hearing that the stable could be shut down as soon as Friday, May 20.

I urge you to pressure the NYPD to slow down and show the community some of its much-touted “courtesy, professionalism, and respect” before committing such an act.




  1. I like how the mounted officer in the picture is protecting the future home of Starbucks. …or they just had a pot pie at Square.

  2. Letters sent, thanks for the information!

  3. Done!

    *** Now, we need everyone who cares about our neighborhood to speak out. ***

  4. Oh No!!! They have to keep the stables on Varick!! There are so many other locations for a WTC command center that are logistically more feasible than Varick Street.
    The stables are such a charming part of our neighborhood, I couldn’t possibly see them moving anywhere.

  5. Letters sent. Absolutely the wrong move for Tribeca and surrounding area.

  6. Have they asked the horses where they want to live?

  7. 600 officers more to Tribeca! Plus the vast number of security cameras already installed. What exactly are they planning or planning for?

  8. It’s a conspiracy! 600 officers?! All at once?! Think how much they will spend at the local shops!!! There goes the neighborhood!!! Quick, let’s pile all of our baby strollers and baby bjorns in front of the horse stables, so they can’t move them!! Hurry! As CB1’s Julie Menin idiotically pointed out – don’t let the cobblestone streets slow you down like they do police cars! Push through the pain!! This is the BRAVEHEART moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!

  9. Oh no! We have to keep the horses and stables here. They are an important part of this neighborhood. They belong here. The Command Center needs to be placed somewhere else. Somewhere closer to the site. Just when we were beginnning to live normal lives! What are they thinking. Haven’t we been traumatized enough.They have to find a better place.

  10. you guys are so pathetic, its scary. just a quick lesson for you panzy ass hippy liberals. those stables (as charming as you may think they are), arent meant for YOU. they are NOT a local gathering center where you guys can ponder your next plan on what to cry about. they are an operational police faciltiy used to shelter and take care of the horses when not on patrol, and believe me they get taken care of better than most animals in the world (and no, i’m not complaing about that, cause if theres one thing i might have in common with you liberals, and it kills me to say that, is my passion for animals). you people should try being grateful that they even leave the stable doors open for you guys to see the horses and go, “ooo, aahhh”. but then again, liberals arent grateful for anything….they just complain about everything and think everyone owes them something. if the NYPD feels the need to move them, then its their call!! if you guys like ponies so much, try spending some of the millions of dollars you guys waste and POS paintings and your crappy starbucks, and go build yourself a barn and you can have your own little petting zoo! You guys obviously dont recall 9/11, and you’re DEFINITELY not awaken to the fact that we still face threats every day all around the world. you guys just dont hear about them, cause you guys cry enough as it is (or the funniest part is when you deny it)!!! Maybe its a tactic to place the command center there? Or maybe the facility’s close proximity to the 1st pct serves as a tactical advantage for emergency response? Maybe they want to place it further away so heaven forbid another attack happens, the command center wouldnt get destroyed enabling the personnel (THE COPS!) to regroup and respond and do their jobs!!!!! but you people would rather see another building go down before you lose your precious sidewalk space! you guys are the biggest babies i’ve ever seen. first to cry about the cops over patrolling your neighborhood to keep you safe, and the first to sue the city when you get mugged and blame the NYPD for not having enough cops that you essentially forced off the streets! wake up ppl…..the world isnt about you.

  11. Mike,
    You are 100% right! These liberal jerks forget all to easy what happened on 9/11. I live in the are and I think the horses were cool but the protection of human life is more important!

  12. Please note that the Tribeca Panzy Ass Hippy Liberal crying session that had been scheduled for today has been postponed due to the threat of rain. Tears should never be shed in vain.
    Also, the Angry Conservative Stereotyping Seminar will go on as schedule but has been moved from the crappy Starbucks on W. Broadway to the sidewalk in front of Park 51. Don’t forget to pack your camo rain ponchos, just in case.
    See ya’ll there!

  13. spoken like a true panzy ass, hahaha!!!!

  14. Haha?? Oh wait, I get it….Hahahaha! Good one.