In the News: Condé Nast Is Coming

••• “Friday is eviction day for the horses housed at the NYPD stable at 19 Varick St.—unless their Tribeca neighbors can convince the city of a better plan, a police spokesman said today. Police brass have agreed to meet with members of Community Board 1 on Thursday morning to discuss possible ways to keep the stable and its dozen horses. ‘Our plan is to move horses out on Friday. But we are listening to what they [CB1 members] have to say on Thursday,’ said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. Tribeca’s well-heeled residents love the police horses, and are upset with the plans to move them, which were first reported by The Post on Friday.” The Wall Street Journal was actually the first to report the move. If you still haven’t emailed, get on it! A possible letter is here.

By Todd Heisler for the New York Times

••• “Condé Nast Publications, whose stable of magazines chronicles the American zeitgeist as meticulously as any anthropologist,”—if you say so—”has reached an agreement to lease one million square feet at 1 World Trade Center, giving ground zero a much-needed corporate anchor with a proven ability to attract other businesses.” If it brings more lunch options to southern Tribeca, I’m onboard. (New York Times)

••• “Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club Frat Party, the project that is replacing Water Taxi Beach at the South St. Seaport, is set to open for the season next Friday, May 27.” (Eater)

••• “Laurence Gluck finally got a piece of good news on Independence Plaza, his 1,300-apartment complex. Last week, a federal judge ruled that Mr. Gluck did not illegally deregulate units there and therefore doesn’t owe the federal government a refund for subsidies it sent him for tenants in a special housing assistance program. The ruling contrasts with one made last summer by a state judge, who ruled that Mr. Gluck had illegally deregulated apartments by removing them from rent-regulation while accepting tax breaks known as J-51s. Last month, the debt on the three-building complex in Tribeca was transferred to a special servicer to facilitate a deal to extend the mortgage.” (Crain’s)

••• Gael Greene liked the revamped Stuzzicheria: “The room has emptied and the unmatched tabletops stand out, delighting me. There’s a bowl of bright-red Calabrian peppers on one, tulips fainting on another. Great-grandmother’s table is pristine, I notice as we exit. We follow a tiny slice of moon to our car.” Sounds like she liked the wine, too. (Crain’s)

••• “The curse of the Deutsche Bank building continues. Litigation related to the recently demolished tower could cut into the budget for several long-awaited downtown projects, including the East River Waterfront, a state official said this week. The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. has set aside about $25 million to cover the possible verdict in a lawsuit against them by criminally-charged Deutsche Bank contractors Bovis Lend Lease. But if the agency is required to pay more than that, the money may have to come from funds set aside for other projects, said David Emil, LMDC’s president.” (DNAinfo)

••• Justin Timberlake sold his Pearline Soap Factory apartment. (Curbed)



  1. I’m wondering what the reaction in Tribeca would be if the NYPD was moving a horse stable INTO the neighborhood and removing a bunch of officers. My guess is that this would be, if not violently opposed, it would certainly be vocally trashed. I love the horse stable, don’t get me wrong, I just think sometimes people just want to stop ALL change.

  2. Anyone else think it’s kind of cruel and unnecessary to have mounted police on Manhattan streets still? Especially given the way cabbies and others zip and honk around here (Reade and Greenwich anyone…). In this day and age it’s pointless and certainly not a great existence for the horses. Send the horses to a farm and get the po-po some mountain bikes (oof, exercise…) or even segways…. And all the kids everyone is so concerned about, well, maybe mom and dad can explain to them how little fun it is for the horses to live and trot in Tribeca. (though maybe a conversation best had on the weekend at the country house….)

  3. @Troy: You have a valid point re: change (to wit, Park51), though for me, this issue is really about the ratcheted-up security presence coming soon. It’s bad enough that the WTC security zone will take up far beyond the WTC itself; do we really need it up at Beach and Varick?

    @Omar: I have no answer to that; I oppose all animals in captivity (except, um, pugs, which would die if left on their own—and besides getting one wasn’t my idea). But if the NYPD is going to have horses, I’d certainly like them here, and I prefer them over more cars. The mountain bikes would be great, but I think the point of the horses is more that they’re good for community outreach than for patrolling. We know how bikes are for community outreach….