Ladder No. 8 Is at Risk

Well this blows: “The Fire Department today finally released the list of 20 engine and ladder companies that are candidates for closing if the City Council can’t come up with $55 million to fund them,” reports the Post. “The list includes 8 companies in Brooklyn, 4 in Queens; 3 in Manhattan, 3 in The Bronx and 2 on Staten Island.” Tribeca’s Ladder no. 8—a.k.a. the Ghostbusters firehouse—is among them, as is Engine 4 on South Street.

See for yourself: 2011 Closing Draft (PDF).

I just watched Tootsie with half a bottle of wine as company, so I’m a little foggy, but where does that leave Tribeca? With the firehouse at Duane and Broadway-ish?

One of my main management-related theories is that when you cry “budget,” you have to be prepared for everyone to second-guess every financial decision you’ve been making. So: Bike lanes? A Chief Digital Officer?


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  1. I just don’t understand how there is more money than god in this neighborhood and we can’t save our stables and firehouses. In other words our basic services and our history. Baffling.