Let’s Have Lunch on Saturday!

Landmarc's Marc Murphy

Still haven’t bought your ticket for Taste of Tribeca? The event is this Saturday from 11:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., so what are you waiting for? Just stop by Whole Foods Tribeca any day through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.—or of course you can buy a ticket at the event, but they’ll be $45 instead of $40.

If you’ve never been, the event is fun and worthwhile—it benefits P.S. 150 and P.S. 234—and what’s more, you’ll have the chance to meet chefs you might only have seen on TV. Keep your eyes peeled for Marc Forgione (“The Next Iron Chef”), Landmarc‘s Marc Murphy (“Chopped,” “Iron Chef America”), Mehtaphor‘s Jehangir Mehta (“Iron Chef America,” “The Next Iron Chef”), Plein Sud‘s Ed Cotton (“Top Chef”), and M1-5‘s John Sierp (“Chopped”).

Mehtaphor's Jehangir Mehta

The full list of participating restaurants is here. I think these are first-timers (but I’m not going back to check, because it’s not like it really matters—sorry, this rain is getting to me): Locanda Verde, Weather Up Tribeca (wouldn’t cocktails be awesome?), Warren 77, Barzinho, Birdbath, Da Mikele, and Sarabeth’s Tribeca. Welcome, folks!

Meanwhile, don’t forget that five wine shops will be offering tastings, so after the event, you can wobble tour your way around the neighborhood. They are: Frankly Wines, Chambers Street Wines, Tribeca Wine Merchants, Maslow 6, and Vestry Wines. Tasting hours vary, so check the schedule. Frankly Wines and Vestry Wines are also offering special discounts.



  1. Lunch on Saturday? Isn’t the world susposed to be ending on Saturday?

  2. @Milo: As far as last meals go, you could do worse

  3. How can you be talking about food when the horse stables might be closing? Let’s stay hyper-focussed, people!

  4. Not to mention TWO firehouses!