Nosy Neighbor: Can We Walk in the West Street Medians?

The medians on West Street have such nice paths. Are we allowed to walk on them? Or are they just for the landscapers? —Ashley

Ashley asked this question a few weeks ago, but the three officials at the Department of Transportation whom I emailed have been refusing to answer. [Sigh.] I was thinking we should all just assume that no, we can’t walk on the paths—a security precaution, no doubt—and that even if we could, the ever-present traffic cops would probably have a conniption. Last Saturday morning, however, I was crossing at Chambers, waiting at the median for the light to change, when a man hopped onto the path! He may have been a cop—the NYPD Memorial 5K Run was about to start—which means normal laws don’t apply to him. Anyway, right after I took this photo, he bent over and stuck a finger down his throat, so if you decide to explore the medians you might want to skip the one between Chambers and Warren.

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