On the Agendas

It’s time once again to pick through the preliminary agendas for the monthly CB1 committee meetings. They’re subject to change, so if an issue is important to you, check here before heading off to the meeting (the meetings’ locations are all there, too). My comments are in italics.

6/1 Financial District Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Street Vendor Project on Saturday, June 25, 2011 Broad Street between Bridge Street and Stone Street. Closure of streets 10 AM to 7 PM; event will take place between noon to 6 PM – Resolution (previously scheduled for Friday, June 24, 2011 on Park Place between Broadway and Church Street and approved by CB1 in March 2011)

2) Proposal for newsstand at southeast corner of Church and Fulton Streets – Resolution

3) Proposal for newsstand at southeast corner of West Broadway and Barclay Street – Resolution

4) Street Activity Permit application for Community Board #1 for Sunday, July 3, 2011 on Liberty Street between Trinity Place and Nassau Street. Closure of streets 10 AM to 7 PM; event will take place between noon to 6 PM (event was previously approved at another location by CB1 and has been relocated at the request of the Street Activities Permit Office) – Resolution

5) Proposal for CB1 fairs in Bowling Green Park on June 3, July 22 and September 23, 2011, and in Battery Park on June 10, July 8 and August 19, 2011

6) Update on Downtown Heliport and helicopter traffic over and around CB1 by Patricia Ornst and Josh Nachman, EDC

7) Newsstands in Financial District – Pace University Student Survey

8) 22 Cortland Street, application by Century 21 Department Stores for an amendment to the Zoning Resolution to allow the Chairperson to waive requirements for accessory off street loading berths – Resolution

9) 15 William Street, application for Special Permit pursuant to Sections 13-562 and 74-52 of the Zoning Resolution to permit a 166-space parking garage that will lease monthly parking spaces in a 320 unit condominium building – Resolution

The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses and sidewalk cafe applications:
• Castle Clinton at Battery Park, application for motorized vessel liquor license for Statue Cruises, d/b/a Respect
• 17 John Street, application for transfer of tavern-restaurant liquor license for Bigtom Inc., The Irish American
• 43 Park Place, application for renewal of tavern liquor license for Dakota Roadhouse Corp.
• 47 Broadway, application for renewal of restaurant liquor license for Keith Restaurant Inc., d/b/a China Chalet on Broadway
• 150 William Street, application for renewal of wine and beer license for Sun Dong Park d/b/a 150 Market Inc.

6/2 Planning and Community Infrastructure Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Pace University application for DOT’s Urban Plaza Program – Resolution

2) Preservation of Affordable Housing at Independence Plaza – Resolution

3) Green Resources in Community Board One – Report

6/8 Tribeca Transportation and Parking Regulations Sub-Committee 5:00 PM

1) Agenda to be determined

6/8 Tribeca Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Liquor license applications:
• 116 Duane Street, application for a new tavern-restaurant liquor license for Corporation To Be Formed by Mike Hynes d/b/a to be determined – Resolution This has been postponed a couple of times now; that’s the old Capital Audio Electronics space (between Church and Broadway)
• 54-56 Franklin Street, application for new restaurant liquor license for Near and Far Food Company LLC d/b/a Near and Far Food Company – Resolution This was postponed from last month; that’s the Lafayette Grill & Bar. Don’t know anything else about it.
• 279 Church Street, application for a new tavern liquor license for Yves Jadot d/b/a to be determined – Resolution Interesting! This is where the Fig Leaf Theater was, and after that a short-lived thrift store (above). Jadot is a co-owner of Petite Abeille and Raines Law Room; the space is certainly ripe for a speakeasy. But with Il Matto/White Church, TriBeCafe, B Flat, Da Mikele, and South’s already on the block, will CB1 (and the neighbors) go for it?
• 205 Hudson Street, application for a new restaurant liquor license for AFNYC LLC d/b/a American Flatbread NYC – Resolution See this post.
• 363 Greenwich Street, application for a new restaurant liquor license for Nicholas McKeon d/b/a to be determined – Resolution Now we know what the work in the old Pig N’ Whistle space is about! Nicholas McKeon is indeed proceeding with his plans to open a restaurant and bar there. We’ll have to find out if his plans have changed since May 2010.

The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses:
• 31 Walker a.k.a. 301 Church Street, application for a renewal of a liquor license for Bread in Tribeca LLC, Bread & Tribeca d/b/a Bread In Tribeca LLC
• 148 Centre Street, application for a renewal of a liquor license for Nha Trang Centre Vietnam Restaurant Inc. d/b/a Nha Trang Centre Vietname Restaurant Inc. Why is this in the Tribeca committee?
• 285 West Broadway, application for a renewal of a tavern liquor license for H&M Bar, LLC d/b/a Canal Room Now that a nightclubby party is being held there, will anyone object? Doubt it.

6/9 Landmarks Committee – 6:00 PM

1) 105-107 Washington Street Designation – Resolution

2) City Hall, application for installation of new fuel cell at the northeast corner of City Hall – Resolution What’s a fuel cell?!

3) 134-138 Duane Street, application for penthouse and terrace additions – Resolution

4) 20 West Street, application – Resolution

6/13 Joint Meeting of the WTC Redevelopment Committee and Battery Park City Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Update by Jim Connors, Executive Vice President of Operations for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

6/14 Youth & Education Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Public hearing on proposed site selection of Block 106 Lot 9 on the north side of Peck Slip between Pearl and Water Streets for the development of a new, approximately 476-seat primary school facility – Resolution*

2) Bike path through City Hall Park – Discussion with Department of Transportation Someone needs to do something about this! Two out of three cyclists ignore the signs!

3) The River Project educational programs and waterfront projects – Update

4) Report on Speaker Silver’s Overcrowding Task Force

Seaport/Civic Center Committee members are encouraged to attend for item #1

6/16 Quality of Life Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Update on Construction Projects in Lower Manhattan by Robin Forst, Director of Community and Government Relations, LMCCC

2) Intro 89, proposed City Council legislation regarding the banning of carriage horses in New York City – Presentation by David Karopkin, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets Again, why here?

3) Report on current activities in the community by the U.S. Census – Presentation by Brunilda Sanchez, Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

4) Presentation on Pedestrian for Accessibly Safe Streets by Dr. Karen Gourgey, The Coalition of Pedestrians for Accessible and Safe Streets (PASS)

5) Pilot program to install 40 traffic cameras to record speeding violations – Resolution

6/20 Waterfront Committee – 6:00 PM

1) Presentation on planned East River ferry service by NYC Economic Development Corporation

2) East River Esplanade Update

3) River Project Program Update

6/21 Seaport/Civic Center Committee – 6:00 PM

1) South Street Seaport Museum – Discussion

2) Brooklyn Bridge Reconstruction Project Update

3) Pier 17/Seaport Market Place Event Programming – Update

4) Peck Slip Project – Department of Design and Construction

5) 212 Front Street, application for a new restaurant liquor license for The Fighting Chair, LLC – Resolution That’s the Carmine’s space.

6/21 State Liquor Authority Process Review Task Force – 6:00 PM

1) Discussion with Dennis Rosen, State Liquor Authority, Chairman

6/24 CB #1 Monthly Meeting – 6:00 PM

Location: New York Law School, 185 West Broadway (at Varick Street)

6/27 Affordable Housing Task Force – 6:00 PM

Manhattan Seniors Project – Discussion


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