Your Weekly Real Estate Sales Report

Courtesy of the folks at StreetEasy, here’s the Tribeca sales report for the last week (these are the properties whose sales were “recorded” by the city in the past seven days—the sales may have taken place earlier).

Here they are, property by property; click to enlarge. (You’ll see that the 38 Laight one is also listed as 44 Laight—not sure why.)



  1. why, when I click on a link, do i get a blowup of the image rather than a link to street easy?

  2. @bob: I’d love for that to happen. StreetEasy charges for premium access, including to the info that I pull as screengrabs, so they may not want everyone to be able to access it for free. We’ve been talking about ways to make these reports richer, so who knows….