Seen & Heard: Jimmy Scott

••• Heck of a show coming up June 21 at Duane Park restaurant: The legendary Jimmy Scott and Justin Vivian Bond, hosted by Murray Hill. See you there?

••• From MaxDelivery: “We’ve lowered our threshold for free delivery from $75 down to $50. Spend $50, get free delivery. Spend $100, get $10 off. Spend $200, get $25 off.”

••• The Absurdists have a new audio tour of Lower West Manhattan: “This stunning blend of poetry, music, theater, history and politics brings a sense of wonder and passion back to our city by transforming our alienating, cluttered streets into a playground of creativity and intimacy. Listen to the forgotten stories, encounter the hidden creatures, and discover the lost wonders that haunt our ancient island. Who is this street named after? Was there really a circus riot here? Can I really eat these weeds? Where did the water from the drinking fountain go? Who are these ‘colors’? And what is their secret? Are we lost? And must we be found again?” Sounds like somebody ate those weeds.

••• No longer on the agenda for this week’s CB1 Tribeca Committee meeting: Liquor licenses for 116 Duane, 279 Church (the latter is the one from the Raines Law Room speakeasy guy), and Near and Far (at the Lafayette Grill & Bar space). Still on the agenda: American Flatbread, Pig N’ Whistle.


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