New Kid on the Block: Hionas Gallery

“We’ve always shown art here,” says Peter Anthony about Peter Anthony Fitness, his private gym on Franklin Street. But as he and his wife, Maria Hionas, have collected more art over the years—”I’ve become a trainer to the art world in a lot of ways,” he says—they’ve been drawn to the idea of showing it more formally. Besides, only clients ever got to see the art.

Loretta Mae Hirsch's "Girl With Beast" (2010)

They created Hionas Gallery in the front of the Peter Anthony Fitness space by putting up a wall and painting the floor gray. (The curved cut-out in the ceiling is a leftover from the space’s days as a carpet showroom, believes Anthony). The gallery’s first real show is paintings and drawings by Loretta Mae Hirsch. Anthony discovered her during the TOAST Art Walk when she was a student at the New York Academy of Art down the street. Hionas Gallery will focus on contemporary art in various media: The next show will likely be of work by a photojournalist from Joplin, Mo., who was there when the recent tornado struck. And Anthony says at some point Hionas Gallery will do a show of art that he has collected. Prices will be reasonable; Hirsch’s drawings start at $500.

The inaugural opening is tomorrow night (Thursday, June 9) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Hionas Gallery is at 89 Franklin (bet. Church and Broadway), 212-274-9003;

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  1. As a current client of Peter Anthony Fitness, I’ve had the benefit of being exposed to some great art experiences over the years and now with the gallery space Peter + Maria have created, others can now have that same experience and without having to do million of burpees to do it!

  2. I’ll second that Bennie (especially re burpies!)

    It’s a great new space and offers nice cultural inspiration alongside the fitness! Shame I’m missing the opening but I look forward to this exhibition and many more.

    A really nice neighborhood addition.

  3. The Hionas Gallery is a perfectly petite atmosphere to match the standards of any “white box” gallery harnessing and showcasing the newest hot, up and coming talent in the art world. New artists should folk to this gallery to que just to see and be seen. Peter has an uncanny knack for finding, delveloping, and step launching new undiscovered talent bringing that fresh excitement of yesterday when gallery patrons were first gazing at the likes of Warhol, and Haring. New artists will find a nurturing home at The Hionas Gallery. Avante Hionas Gallery.

  4. Peter Anthony’s new gallery space is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. It showcases new, up and coming artists in a very unique setting, making the experience all the more special. I look forward to attending the opening tomorrow, and future ones to come!

  5. This was a great opening night; love the work of the painter, Loretta Mae Hirsch, and love the gallery; a nice, cozy spot which attracted a healthy influx of traffic all evening long; made for an enjoyable time. Would definitely recommend both Loretta Mae and the Hionnas Gallery for future events.

  6. Peter has created something special in Tribeca, that’s for sure. As a current client of Peter Anthony Fitness, I not only have wonderful workouts and nutrition advice, but I also get to enjoy all the art surrounding me. As Peter once told me, physical fitness and the body are another art form just like the works of artists that you can find in his gallery. This has stuck with me, because even though the medias are different the concept is the same and I never thought about it in that way. The Loretta Mae exhibit is a beautiful display of work by the artist – delicate, feminine, whimsical yet subtly mysterious. Highly recommend the trip to the gallery!