Loft Peeping: Nedim Soylemez

How do you solve the problem of a 72-foot-long loft with windows at only one end? That’s the subject of an Wall Street Journal article by Juliet Chung, with photos by Adam Friedberg. The owner is Nedim Soylemez, a trader, who bought the 3,000-square-foot apartment for $3.1 million. Pictured above with his girlfriend, Rebecca Lee, he spent more than his $1 million budget on the gut renovation spearheaded by architect Matthew Bremer. It included consultants for the art, sound, and most important, the lighting. “In the windowless room used as a guest bedroom, a spectrum of colored lights (fluorescent tubes with different-colored gels) placed behind a floating wall suggest sunlight peeking through a crack,” writes Chung. And elsewhere, “a video installation commissioned from artist Jeffrey Wells of Joshua Tree, Calif., […] creates the illusion of a window suffused with changing desert light.” Other man-cave elements include a restaurant-quality ventilation system in kitchen (handy when you have a griddle and a grill), four showerheads and speakers in the shower, and “inconspicuous” shower drains and air-conditioning vents. (“I’m particular about what I like,” he says.) For all that money, Soylemez also got some square footage: They discovered 150 square feet behind a fire wall in the guest bathroom. After the photos below is a video that includes the wonderful line, “I’m not a big fan of natural light unless I’m on the beach.” It also shows the building. I can’t place it—is it on N. Moore? Above the Brandy Library? I’d go look but I’m out of town….


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