Loft Peeping: Yoon Kim

Is it loft-pepping season or what? The July issue of Architectural Digest features the 4,000-square-foot Tribeca loft of Yoon Kim: “Kim first enlisted a decorator to give the apartment a 1970s Pop feel (vividly colored walls, lipstick-red upholstered seating, silver-ball chandeliers)—but the result, Kim soon realized, screamed of overdesign. […] He chose to start over from scratch. And then he left his hedge-fund job to pursue investing on his own.” Kim hired David Mann and Brett McMullen of MR Architecture + Décor. “The scheme that emerged would turn out to be part Breuer, part Neutra, part retro-futuristic bachelor pad.” Take a look for yourself; the hanging bed with mink blanket is a statement. The article’s text is by Heidi Mitchell; photography is by Joshua McHugh; the article was produced by Robert Rufino. Click any photo to enlarge, and there are more on the AD website (click that link at top).

If you shelter-mag-reading types come across Tribeca properties, please let me know!


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  1. i just clicked from the Imperioli pictures to these – going from one extreme to the other!