Seen & Heard: Maxwell’s

••• Maxwell’s, the restaurant and bar coming to the old Spaghetti Western space on Reade, is opening next week—probably Wednesday or Thursday, I was told. The sign on the window looks nice; think of the part reading “Est. 1938″—you can’t see it in the photo—as a bit of wishful thinking.

••• Josephine is now serving dinner. Click the image at left to read the menu. I couldn’t quite fit the prices in. The salads are $12–15; sharing plates are $14–26; main courses are $14–24.

••• I ordered many pairs of shorts from J. Crew and didn’t like them all, so I was pleased to learn that you can return J. Crew merchandise to any J. Crew store, including Crewcuts. (The salesclerk pointed out that I could’ve gone to the Liquor Store, but sometimes I feel like I’m interrupting there.)

••• Came across this tweet from @Kelskalu (a.k.a. Mr Trashy Simpson™): “TOGA PARTY EMAIL IS ABOUT TO BE SENT OUT! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE YOU…ANIMAL HOUSE! June 18 @ Brick, in Tribeca. 22 Warren St! 10pm.” May have to stand outside with my camera.

••• I went to the newish Nixtamalito Taqueria kiosk at the Municipal Building today for lunch. It’s at the southern end, near the bridge; the tacos come one per order (not paired, as you sometimes see); it’s open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; you can buy the famous corn tortillas for $3 per pound.


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