First Impressions: American Icon

When I noticed something named American Icon was opening at 360 Broadway (between Franklin and Leonard), I figured it was another jeans store. Well, I popped in today—called to service by the tall Uncle Sam statue outside—and it’s not at all a jeans store. What with the “Coon Huntin” belt buckles, Jack Daniels paraphernalia, Confederate caps, and John Deere toys, I felt like I was visiting a state where someone such as myself couldn’t legally get married. (Oh, wait….) That’s not an entirely fair description—there’s a lot of merchandise you wouldn’t classify as red-state, with American icons like Marilyn Monroe, the Brooklyn Bridge, Popeye, and so on. The back of the store is mostly westernwear, so I asked if American Icon is related to Western Spirit, just up the street; sure enough, it’s a sister store. So then I wondered aloud whether Western Spirit is closing, because why have two stores in such close proximity? No, I was told, the business is doing so well a third store is opening, in a location unknown.

P.S. They also buy Americana.



  1. Is this stuff American style and made elsewhere or is it manufactured here? I always advise visitors to buy their gifts at the Museum of the American Indian where most of the stuff is at least made in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, a listing of neighborhood shops that do have mostly American made products would be helpful.

  2. Looks super cool! Im going to go there and check it out.