Seen & Heard: Wooly’s Ice

••• I was just at Columbine/Clementine buying a cookie when I saw a sign that said tonight’s dinner special is deconstructed chicken fajitas. I asked if Columbine/Clementine is now open for dinner, and they said yes—from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Then someone else said the hours may get expanded, which struck me as worth trying.

••• The Quad Preschool has limited scholarship money for 2011! The Quad is committed to the holistic development of young children in an inclusive and play-based environment. A truly individualized program, we welcome children with gifted abilities as well as those with mild delays in one or more areas. Local parents! We offer supervised lunch and transportation from The Quad to local afternoon Universal Preschool programs. For more information: or 212-513-1840. Sponsored by the Quad.

••• Coming up at City Winery: Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Del McCoury (July 20), Keren Ann (Sept. 30, Oct. 1), another John Hughes tribute show (June 27).

••• Today, I planned on having lunch at the new grilled-cheese kiosk by the Municipal Building, but it wasn’t serving sandwiches yet (I had to eat lunch early). So instead I ate at Snack-a-Meal, a kiosk that has crepes, falafel, whole-wheat pizza, and other stuff. The owner (I’m guessing) and I chatted about whether locals would be up for dinner delivery, and I said I thought she should target New York by Gehry. (She said the kiosks will be open year-round.) The plaza there is pretty, and I love that I can bring my dog without having to tie him up while I run inside. Afterward, I tried Wooly’s Ice, a cart serving a variation on shave ice, as it’s known in Hawaii. They freeze flavored liquid—either milk-based or green tea–based—then shave it so it’s incredibly fluffy. You can add a syrup and a topping or two. I got an original (pictured before it got adorned) with mango syrup and mango chunks and strawberries. It was quite delicious, even if I wouldn’t mind a child’s-size portion. P.S. The Wooly’s Facebook page—which Facebook tried hiding from me, so that link above may not work—seems to have a $1 off coupon. I can’t tell for sure if it’s for Wooly’s though, so caveat clickor.

••• From the Flea: “Black Moon Theater Company presents a revival of Oscar Wilde’s erotic and decadent 1891 classic Salome. Directed by Rene Migliaccio, previews begin July 8 at The Flea, with opening night slated for July 13. In this new multi-media adaptation of Salome, Migliaccio’s staging is a visual & poetic allegory of the never ending struggle between eroticism & death, love & destruction, passion & restraint.” I just read Dorian Gray for the first time; it left me wishing I had named my dog Lord Henry Wotton.

••• On Facebook, Taste of Tribeca said that “Thursday night at 10 p.m. John Sierp, chef at M1-5, competes on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle.”

••• There used to be two mailboxes at the southwest corner of Chambers and Broadway, and they were often too full to use—so the Postal Service removed one?


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  1. We love Wooly’s Ice! Cousin or not, yummy ice on a hot day is always a good thing.