12 Tweets of Tribeca

The rules of Tweebeca: 1) I don’t necessarily agree. 2) I’m 99.9% positive they’re about our Tribeca and not, say, the apartment complex in Houston. 3) If you see good ones, send them to @TribecaCitizen. There are actually 14, not 12, because everything expands in the heat. To find more of these posts, search “Tweebeca.”



  1. My personal fav this week was the nudist roommate ad… so kind of him to mention it upfront..
    (and $995 for 1200 sqf share actually sounded reasonable, or am I being infected by Tribeca prices?)

  2. @apredmestsky must have been at the jin market, sadly they stopped selling Doritos there after the renovation :( #traumatized

  3. Looks like they’re either lovers or haters; glad it’s mostly love!