In the News: Firehouse Saved

••• “The threatened layoffs of 4,100 teachers in New York’s public schools were averted under a deal that the Bloomberg administration, the City Council and the teachers’ union reached on Friday night. Details were still being worked out, but the agreement calls for concessions from the United Federation of Teachers and money from the Council. […] The budget plan also allows the Council to keep open 20 fire companies that the mayor had ordered closed, and it may be able to restore at least some of the cuts he planned for day care services and librarians.” (New York Times)

••• “At 9:40 a.m. Thursday, a man stood across from the World Trade Center site covered in paint. […] The man, Liu Bolin, is a Chinese artist whose latest project—’Hiding in the City’—consists of painting himself and his clothes to resemble his setting so meticulously that he blends into the background. […] This was his first trip to disappear in New York—for a show that opens at Eli Klein Fine Art in Soho on Wednesday.” (New York Times)

••• If you think some people define “Tribeca” too loosely, wait till you see how DNAinfo defines “Duane Street Between West Broadway and Hudson.” In a feature called “On Your Block,” it says “This block houses the whimsical children’s shoe store Shoofly, the French pastry shop Duane Park Patisserie and NY Nautical, a haven for mariners and ocean enthusiasts.”


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  1. Local librarians get to keep doing their work, the local Fire Station- Hook & Ladder no. 8, gets the funding to stay open, and most importantly- gay couples who choose to marry are now entitled to the same basic economic and legal protections that straight couples are entitled to- at least at the state level. Today, things are as they always should be here in Tribeca, USA.