12 Tweets of Tribeca

1) I don’t necessarily agree.
2) I’m 99.9% positive they’re about our Tribeca and not, say, the nightclub at the Omni Hotel in Newport News, Va.
3) If you see good ones, send them to @TribecaCitizen.
4) There are actually 13, not 12, because I’m fertile.
5) To find more of these posts, search “Tweebeca.”



  1. I love your blog because it is informative and witty and neighborly. In fact, it is everything these tweets are not. Tweeting can’t avoid being illiterate by its nature, but these are usually witless, not amusing, far too personal and I find, annoying in the same way very personal and incredibly stupid public cell phone calls can be. I can move away from those and do so and can avoid the Tweet column as well. So if your other readers love it, I can avoid it. But I thought I’d let you know how one faithful reader feels.

  2. i love the tweet column, keep it going.

  3. never stop the “12 tweets”!

  4. These are just great..and would make good t-shirts by the way

  5. @Betty: I think people might enjoy the tweets for the very reasons you dislike them, if that makes sense. At least they’re easy to ignore! (And thanks for the compliments.)

  6. …as I was saying, I also love your blog because your readers are as opinionated and passionate as I am. And as you are.