Seen & Heard: Parental Flash Mob

••• Parents at Claremont Preparatory School surprised their kids with a flash-mob dance: “15 rehearsals, 100 incredible parents, 1 fantastic surprise for the students,” says a friend who participated.

••• I’m sure this bench (on Greenwich between Warren and Murray) has been there forever, but I just noticed it. Is someone trying a new design? And why is there a bench there? Who likes to hang out there?

••• Sushein, the kosher conveyor-belt sushi restaurant coming to 325 Broadway (just south of Worth) is evidently a step closer to opening: There’s now a sign.

••• Haute Korean restaurant Jung Sik is actually opening in the fall, not this month as was recently tweeted. It’ll seat 55. Pictured: Happy owner/chef Jung Sik Yim. [Er, not.]

••• Whole Foods Tribeca is having a third-anniversary party tomorrow (Saturday) from noon to 4 p.m. There’ll be cake and barbecue and other stuff. Maybe you should reserve a spot on that bench right now.

••• RHX’s Broadway location has posted a doomsday sign. When the old Chambers location did that, the store didn’t close for months. Anyone want to guess when this one will close, if ever?



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  1. nope you’re right – the bench just appeared a few weeks ago – along with some phone booths with no phones in them. bizarre! but nice that there’s a place to sit, i guess…