9/11 Memorial Tickets

I just reserved passes for the 9/11 Memorial, which opens to the public on September 12 (the museum will open at a later date) The passes—they presumably don’t call them tickets because they’re free—are for timed entry; only 1,500 people are allowed at a time, although there’s no limit to how long you can stay at the memorial.

The process for reserving is easy, with nothing you haven’t seen before, although there are a few things to bear in mind.

One of the first screens is to select the number of passes (you can reserve for up to nine people—groups should call 212-266-5200 or email groups@911memorial.org), as well as the date, via a calendar. Once you choose the day, you’re shown available time slots. I neglected to grab a screenshot of the time slots.

The big issue, for me, was that you have to know the name of everyone you’re reserving passes for. I had chosen two passes, figuring I could wrangle someone into joining me, and when I saw that I needed a name I added my friend Lisa, although I doubt she’ll be available. No clue whether one can change the names. I tried to log back in afterward, but it didn’t recognize my email (which made getting a new password impossible). The email with my passes did say this: “For cancellations or changes to your reservation call (212) 266-5200 or email reservations@911memorial.org.” The line was busy, so I emailed. I’ll update it when/if I hear back.

You have to create an account, with a password (as mentioned above).

You have to submit your address, phone, and email. One could probably put fake info in. I didn’t try submitting it with nothing, but my guess is that’s not allowed. Security, you know. And no, the checked box below is not uncheckable.

You can choose to print the tickets at home—a PDF is emailed to you—or pick them up at the kiosk. There’s no charge for either (which is as it should be, of course, but that doesn’t stop everyone else).

All in all, it was smooth sailing.

P.S. I just looked at the PDF that was emailed to me, and it had some interesting st:
• Visitors may be asked to show valid photo ID matching their Visitor Pass name.
• Public restrooms are not available on site. [We knew this, but I figured they’d find a spot for some portable ones.]
• All visitors and baggage are subject to security screening.
• Please limit the items that you bring with you. No baggage larger than 8″ x 17″ x 19″ will be permitted, and bag storage is not available.


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  1. Thanks! I just made a reservation.