Loft Peeping: Michael and Victoria Imperioli

I don’t normally feature apartments that are on the market for “Loft Peeping,” but this one is too interesting to pass up. It’s the four-story building at 138 W. Broadway owned by actor Michael Imperioli (best known for “The Sopranos”) and his wife, Victoria. She’s a set designer, and it shows: This isn’t your typical Tribeca loft. “Much of the décor was inspired by the couple’s 19th-century art collection,” says the Wall Street Journal article about it, and “some of the furnishings are former props that were initially built for stage plays produced by the couple’s now defunct theater company, Studio Dante.” It’s 4,720 square feet, with four bedrooms and three full baths; the relatively sparer room is Michael’s office.

It was first listed last July, then withdrawn in January; it has just been listed again for $7 million. The store Stella, which has the ground floor and basement, recently renewed its lease for $13,000 a month. [UPDATE: Stella’s owner, Mischelle Arcus says “As the building is being sold the landlords would not renew my lease and the price I’m paying is nowhere near 13,000.”] The Imperiolis bought the 1872 building in 1998 for $750,000—but it needed a lot of work. They must have enjoyed the process, because they’re doing it again: They’ve “bought another mixed-use building in Tribeca that they plan to renovate.”

Check out the roof deck, bathroom, and other photos in the WSJ’s slideshow. The text is by Maya Pope-Chappell; photos are by Rayon Richards.


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