Seen & Heard: La Colombe

••• The word from Lolë (the French women’s active-fashion line) is that the retail part of its showtique at 24 Hubert probably won’t open till late August. In the meantime, you may see wholesale clients popping in and out….

••• Shawn Colvin is playing City Winery November 4, 5, and 6. The Mekons will be there October 8.

••• La Colombe has started making “Pure Black slip top cold press bottled coffee.” It’s not yet at the New York cafés.

••• Someone’s novel Nutmegger is now available on iTunes for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch.

••• Has anyone else noticed that Whole Foods seems to be labeling more of its produce as “Grown in the U.S.A.” as opposed to saying which state? One of my pet peeves—brought to my attention by a reader named Matt—is that the produce is rarely local. (And don’t get me started about all the bottled water shipped from overseas.) I wonder if it’s intentionally hazy.

••• The video for Sonny Montrose’s “Cold Heart Hotel” was filmed at Acappella (and on Jay Street).


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  1. Tribeca provided the perfect backdrop for the ‘Cold Heart Hotel’ project, highlighting some of New York City’s favorite landmarks. The elegance and class of Acapella’s fine dining establishment, from the owner to the staff, added to the experience of filming there and augmented the storyline for the video. Looking forward to going back to Acapella’s….