Photo Safari: Curb Appeal

I've always gotten a chuckle from this. "Smoothy fruit" is fun to say.

But order the "Fruity Tooty" at your own risk.

A lot of people don't like Truffles, but I think the glassed hallways are pretty awesome.

The lobby of 100 Church, which was recently redone. I still miss the chandeliers:

Great name for a band!

I'm torn between feeling proud that gay folks are declaiming their love, wondering whether Bradley is actually a girl's name these days, and thinking that either way they should be posting it on a Facebook wall, because presumably they're young and isn't that what young people are supposed to do?

I saw this and wished Buster Keaton were around....

...because he was just on St. John's Lane. (Seriously, I ran into these 10 minutes apart.)

In other words, if you think the price is high you just don't understand. (To be fair, Seggiano olive oil is delicious.)

Spanish Gothic on Hudson.

I took this photo to show how the unfinished strip of New York by Gehry was being completed from the bottom up, but I think it ended up being interesting on its own merits.

For my proverbial money, the building is prettiest in the late afternoon, when the sunlight hits it from the west—and after Wednesday's storm it looked especially fine.

Best arrow in Tribeca.

And I'm prepared to say this is the best sign.


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  1. Re the Gehry building: I’ve seen it a few times around sunset, when the red light catches the curves, and it’s great then, too.