In the News: Yes We Cancan

•••”Paid tours, being offered by five companies, are now the only way for visitors to see the 9/11 memorial in the first 10 days it is open because all of the free online tickets for those days have already been snapped up. […] The reason the memorial gave some of the free passes to private tour companies, rather than opening more of them up for public reservations, is that the companies have agreed to follow the city’s plan for reducing bus traffic in lower Manhattan after the memorial opens.” (DNAinfo)

••• The New York Times looks at the economics of law schools, focusing on New York Law School: “N.Y.L.S. is ranked in the bottom third of all law schools in the country, but with tuition and fees now set at $47,800 a year, it charges more than Harvard.” All that lighting doesn’t pay for itself, you know.

••• The New York Times reviews Oscar Wilde’s Salome at the Flea. And also Julius by Design at the Access Theater.

••• Celeb hijinks at the Tribeca Grand: “New York Ranger Brad Richards panicked when he thought someone hacked his Twitter account this week, but was relieved to learn it was just Tommy Lee having some fun. Tampa native Richards stayed at the Tribeca Grand hotel”—you may recall that I heard Richards was looking at real estate in the neighborhood—”and logged onto a computer in his room to tweet. When Lee stayed in the same room a few days later and booted up the computer, he saw Richards’ account was still open and sent messages out under his handle. ‘Im a dork!’ the rocker tweeted along with other messages before letting Richards in on the joke. ‘Signing out for ya!! I’m a nice hacker!!! hey dude btw . . . it’s Tommy Lee!!! hahah!!'” (New York Post)

••• “Aaron and Ayla Wilhelm, who made waves with one of the original crazy wedding dance video, just bought a home for $1.98 million. That’s slightly more than the 1,398,714 people who have watched the video of their first dance on YouTube. The 1,800-square-foot Tribeca loft is located at 45 Lispenard Street.” (New York Observer via Curbed)

••• “The Seaport Museum New York may be able to stay afloat after all. Advocates said they were heartened after holding a first meeting Friday with the Museum of the City of New York, which has expressed interest in taking over the Seaport Museum as an annex. ‘It was a wonderfully productive initial meeting,’ said David Sheldon, a longtime Seaport Museum volunteer who spoke on behalf of Save Our Seaport.” (DNAinfo)

••• NY1 profiles graffiti artist Michael “Mr. Kaves” McLeer, whose first solo gallery show is at Hionas Gallery.

••• The New York Times hangs out with the cancan dancers who kicked up their heels at Cercle Rouge’s Bastille Day party.

By Yana Paskova (courtesy The New York Times)


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