In the News: The Gehtto

••• “An artist named Henry Codax currently has a show of his paintings on view at the Carriage Trade gallery on Walker Street in Tribeca. That seems simple enough, but there is a problem: a source tells The Observer that Mr. Codax does not, in fact, exist. According to the source, the name is a pseudonym adopted by two painters working in tandem, the veteran Swiss provocateur Olivier Mosset, 77, and the New York-based rising star Jacob Kassay, 27, who has been a subject of intense attention from collectors and art dealers in recent years.”

••• Crain’s has a long piece about the regeneration of Lower Manhattan, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s the sort of piece that gets written over and over, especially whenever we near September 11. As those sorts of articles go, it’s a thoughtful one, with some interesting details. But—and maybe I’m too close to the topic—lumping together FiDi, Battery Park City, and southern Tribeca strikes me as misguided from the get-go; each has its own personality, its own merits, its own problems. Curbed throws cold water on the regeneration idea, calling the Crain’s piece “a lot of praise to lavish on a nabe with a residential population under 50,000 and a noticeable lack of retail and service amenities.” The comments got a bit zingy. My favorite was a response to the commenter who touted the new wave of restaurants: “Financier, Starbucks, Bread Factory, Red Mango, Five Guys, Crisp, Chipotle. Ugh. Syosset-quality.” FTW!

••• Speaking of long articles, the New York Times published a 932-word report on how three BPC buildings (Riverhouse, the Visionaire, and 1 Rector Park) have aquariums. What, no slideshow?

••• New York by Gehry has a new nickname: the Gehtto. Curbed ran a long complaint from a tenant, including this part: “It’s unimaginable that the building management didn’t have the foresight to build more bike space, a refrigerated storage room for grocery deliveries, and a larger gym (at the current size it will definitely not be good enough even for 75% occupancy.) The ‘Luxury Attache’ concierge service is a joke: it’s a bunch of gossip girls who have a minimum functional knowledge of OpenTable and StubHub and then charge a 20% premium for the service. I can’t wait for the mattress store (A Sleepy’s is rumored) to open on the ground to complete the degradation of Frank’s great design.”

••• Bubby’s co-founder Seth Price has started a “luggage tagging technology and tracking company” called TurlyTag. (Tnooz)

••• “Rob Ridgell, who has served for three years as the Trinity Wall Street’s organist and director of its youth chorus, has accepted the position of Director of Music at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Minnesota. He is being succeeded as head of the youth chorus by Melissa Attebury, who has assisted him for more than a year in growing the program into a highly regarded success.” (Broadsheet Daily)


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  1. I was wondering whatever happened to Seth, he was the go to guy when he was at Bubby’s , always generous with donations for P.S. 234!