Seen & Heard: Goldman Sachs Wine Store

••• The wine store moving into the Goldman Sachs Dining & Shopping Complex will be calld Vintry Fine Wines. It looks big, if this photo is any indication. UPDATE: Putting two and two together (see comments, below), I realixed that this is affiliated with Peter Poulakakos’s Vintry Wine & Whiskey on Stone Street. I called, and the manager said that his partner is indeed opening a retail store at the WFC. It’ll open “hopefully by the end of the year.”

••• Columbine appears to have settled on Café Clementine as its new name. The new window looks nice.

••• According to StreetEasy, the penthouse at 88 Franklin has raised its price by $500K, to $12.5 million.

••• CB1 is holding a special Landmarks Committee meeting about the possible demolition of historical buildings on Governors Island. Monday, 6 p.m., 49-51 Chambers, room 709.

••• To go with its exhibit “Contemporary Clay,” RH Gallery is hosting a “Clay Party” on July 27, 8–10 p.m. (Adults only.) “We’ll give you a small box of self-hardening clay, a seat and lots of inspiration.” RSVP:

••• Estancia 460 now offers a gluten-free beer, Daura (from the Spanish brand Estrella).



  1. Any idea when the wine shop is scheduled to open?

  2. @Jen: Nope. When I peeked in, it didn’t looks close, but shops can transform quickly. I had thought I didn’t see anything online about Vintry, but then I just came across this: I’d assume they’re related, and we may already know that they are (hard to remember what we know about the GS shops…). I’ll call later to ask.

  3. @Jen: Especially since Vintry is owned by Peter Poulakakos

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Estrella gluten free beer at Estanca 460. I have been looking for this beer since I heard about it a few months ago. Lately, I’ve checked out Red Bridge gluten free beer and Bard’s gluten free beer, which they sell at Whole Foods down here, along with one other brand whose name I forget. If anyone is curious, Red Bridge tastes much better than Bard’s, but I can’t wait to try Estrella! I plan to make the journey up Greenwich one night soon…