Photo Safari: There’s a Pot of Gold on Canal Street

Spotted at the Chambers Street A/C/E station. Take the A train—to the mid 90s.

SJW from 200 Chambers sent over this photo from July 13. "I couldn't really do justice to the rainbow with my little camera," she said, but it looks pretty good from here.

Do you really want to associate your face with the feeling I get when I enter the Food Emporium?

Has anyone seen Kelly Killoren Bensimon lately?

I hadn't reazlied the Thursday-night magic show at Duane Park restaurant includes a lovely singer and a juggling contortionist. In this photo, the latter is squeezing his body through a tennis racquet. That's what I need: an occupational reason to avoid ice-cream sandwiches.

Now that's what I call tempting fate.

Team Nurofen Plus!

Downtown Magazine threw a party the other night on the Visionaire's roof deck, which is gorgeously designed and totally kitted out. But I couldn't help simultaneously envying the simpler roof deck that the building's neighbors have....


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  1. Thanks for some cool giggles today