Seen & Heard: 9/11 Book

••• The warren on Warren has taken a strange turn, with a sign outside yesterday touting—well, see for yourself. I didn’t go in because I had Howard with me, and it was too hot to venture back outside. And now I’m out of town. If anyone peeks in, please report back.

••• @nycdowntowndiva tweeted the photo at left, along with this: “New subway station @ Fulton & William looks nearly done. Saw turnstiles. Love exposed brick!”

••• An update on Maxwell’s, the restaurant and bar at 59 Reade: “We are having a friends and family party on Saturday night and then open to the public on Tuesday night and hopefully lunch and dinner starting Wednesday (all tentative).”

••• A reminder that the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits, starring former Tribecan Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and opening today, includes scenes filmed in these parts. As a fan of Easy A (same director) and Mila Kunis, I’d see it anyway. Watch the trailer.

••• According to this ad, a new comedy club is opening in Tribeca. Since nothing like that has come before the community board, I’m guessing it’s either not actually in Tribeca or Uncle Mike’s is planning more comedy.

••• A Place of Remembrance: The Official Book of the National September 11 Memorial, is available for pre-order. (The book is from National Geographic, which appears to have a series of 9/11 DVDs.) At $20, it has fewer laughs per page than Nutmegger ($8.99). I guarantee it!

••• Cachaçaria Boteco and Pelea Mexicana are throwing “Tribeca’s Premier Summer Party” on Aug. 4. Wear white. Personally, I’m suspect of any invite that includes subway directions. P.S. Marilyn Monroe is to attending, schedule permitting.


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