In the News: Just Married

••• The New York Times‘s Fred R. Conrad took portraits of same-sex couples who got married at the City Clerk’s office in Manhattan on Sunday.

••• Downtown street fairs are bleeding money after the city banned them from taking place on weekdays, organizers say. Joe Giovanni, president of Mardi Gras Festival Productions, which runs most of lower Manhattan’s street fairs, expects the new holiday and weekend-only events to bring in half as much money as the weekday ones did last year. ‘It’s a disaster for everyone,’ Giovanni said.” Actually, not for residents. (DNAinfo)

••• Midtown Lunch concurs about Caravelli’s Pizzeria, the new slice joint in the World Financial Center: “When I saw that this pizzeria was opening I was sure they would be serving Neopolitan pies or something unique. Instead it’s a standard slice place also selling parm sandwiches, pasta, etc., that people are going to go to because it’s nearby. I only hope that they’re still tweaking the pizza.”

••• Slate makes the case that “the greatest wine store in America” is Chambers Street Wines.

••• “When a loft does not sell, it is impossible to know what would have happened if it had been priced differently because (d’oh!) we cannot know how The Market would have reacted to a price that was never offered to The Market. But it is fun to speculate on the carcass of failed sales campaigns, such as the campaign at $2.7mm that did not sell the Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 58 Walker Street in 2008, especially as we now have a successfully concluded campaign: that loft sold on June 30 for $2.125mm.” (Manhattan Loft Guy)

••• “Daring, diverse and dedicated, Hiroyuki Takahashi, owner of Takahachi Bakery, has made Japanese-style bread all the rage in Tribeca.” Um, OK. (New York Daily News)

••• “Bricks tumbled from a Financial District building [16 Beaver] Monday morning, shutting down a busy sidewalk and hitting a man’s back, witnesses said.” (DNAinfo)



  1. What’s happening with the ball field on West Street and Warren Street? I see there’s lots of construction going on there? Any chance there will be an ice skating rink there this winter?

  2. @Michael: The grass is being replaced with astroturf, And the ice rink appears to not be happening: