Pop-Up: Clifton Charles

Clifton Charles, a company that makes custom shirts and suits, has popped-up inside John Allan’s Tribeca (where By Robert James was recently in residence). I stopped by the other day to chat with Clifton C. (for Charles) Berry, but he was methodically measuring a client who was in from Texas. So I emailed over some questions….

1. Why John Allan’s Tribeca? Our clientele is virtually the same. Guys who care about their grooming and understand the value of looking your best and will of course want their clothes to reflect that attention to detail as well. Both of our clients are very busy people, so if they can have their wardrobe needs met while attending to their grooming services, John Allan’s and Clifton Charles mutually benefit.

2. How much do shirts cost? Our shirts are only $99.99 with no minimums. Shirts of our quality and craftsmanship are typically sold for $200–$250 at better tailors and men’s stores, often with a minimum purchase requirement of six shirts. [Silk knots are $10—or two pairs $16, three pairs $20—and pocket squares are $20.]

3. What’s the general turnaround time on shirts? Ten business days (oftentimes less). The industry average is 4-6 weeks.

4. Where are the shirts made? The original cotton seeds came from Peru. Of Peru’s 43 microclimates, there is one on the Northern Coastal Valley that is ideal for growing cotton that is naturally silky, lustrous, and resistant to insects so no chemicals are need to treat it and bleaches naturally well. Which results in us being able to produce shirts of one of the world’s highest quality fabrics. So we source our cotton and make our shirts in Peru.

5. Do you tend to have pop-up shops/events like this? Or do clients tend to come to your office? The pop-up shop/event strategy works well for us. It is a much easier and fun environment for our clients to learn more about us and purchase clothing. It is not the pressure-filled, intimidating environment of a department store. We also quite often will go to a client’s office or home or to a law firm or company and set up in a conference room. Employees can stop by, view fabrics, and get measured, without missing any important meetings or calls. However, clients elect to come to our loft in Soho as well.

The pop-up shop’s hours are Tuesday through Friday 4–7 p.m. and Saturday noon–3 p.m. (and by appointment). It’ll be around till at least Sept. 18.


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