Nosy Neighbor: What’s Up With Those Verizon Carts?

Warren, west of Broadway

“Once I started noticing those Verizon carts, I realized they’re all over. What’s up with them?” —Erik

OK, fine, I’m asking myself this. I don’t have much choice if you won’t ask questions, and anyway, I have been curious about the things.

Here’s what John Bonomo, Verizon’s director of media relations for the northeast had to say (he emailed from a daylong meeting, which explains the shorthand):

“These tool carts enable us to eliminate dispatching a truck and provide tools and materials for our technicians who are out on their daily jobs. Some quick hits…..
—These are an important part of our delivery of customer service in the city.
—They act as a a mobile HQ for our workers.
—If they need an emergency tool or supplies, these carts are a handy local, neighborhood convenience, rather than going back to a garage.
—We try to limit the number we have on the streets, only stationing them when and where necessary.
—We regularly review situations and locations to verify if they are still needed.”

North End, south of Murray

All of which is easily inferred from the carts’ existence. (Well, it’s not obvious that the company reviews whether they’re necessary—most are pretty derelict, and I say that as someone who welcomes a touch of scuzz.) The real question is one for the city, I suppose, but I don’t have a clue whom to ask: How come Verizon is allowed to have these carts everywhere, and Con Edison and Time Warner Cable aren’t? (Not that I want them to!) It would seem to me that the carts are a security risk—we’re supposed to call the police if a piece of luggage is resting next to a garbage can, but a big metal cart can sit unattended on the sidewalk forever?

My partner likes how they add flavor to the streetscape, which make me wonder if I shouldn’t get over myself—and have Tribeca Citizen decals made so I can join the party.

Reade, east of W. Broadway

Lispenard, west of Broadway

N. Moore, east of West St.

Frankfort, west of Gold

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  1. I was hoping that the proliferation of carts meant that Verizon was stepping up the deployment of FiOS in this nabe. Old-time Tribecers remember how awfully we were treated for years when we tried to get Time Warner to bring cable to the area, and many people (both those who know the field as I do and ordinary consumers) despise TWC and its horrible, costly products and services. I’ve spoken with Verizon reps. about bringing FiOS here and it’s not an easy thing to pull off without a lot of cooperation from landlords. I’d urge anyone in Tribeca who’s interested in this superior service to speak with Verizon and get them moving on it. (BTW, I’ve no connection to Verizon, and am not particularly a fan of theirs either, but FiOS is so clearly better than anything TWC has to offer that I can’t help clamoring for it). (Sorry if this is seen as a digression).

  2. Just curious..what’s the biggest difference between Verizon and TW?

  3. @Jill: My partner is on the board of our co-op, and he has been telling me that we’ll be getting Fios soon. Apparently, it’s far far faster. Evidently, Verizon has to want to install it in your building, and your building has to agree to it (the installation is free). If I’m getting this wrong, someone pls feel free to correct me.

  4. We’re getting it too at 200 Chambers. Soon.

  5. those are an eyesore.

  6. There should be a design competition for graphic designer themed carts….
    Unfortunately they would probably be covered with decals/spray paint like the current ones.

  7. Don’t you worry, CB1 will be forming a super duper task-force to address these iSores and the roving band of directionless momma/nanny strollers, just as soon as they figure out how to coordinate the community-wide hand-holding on 9/11.

  8. @Erik: Good idea, but I believe Julie favors the fun provided by the whoopie cushion.

  9. Tool carts have bben around for years. They are very handy for getting a replacement for your kitchen. Maybe you can actually get something done on a day off from work for a serv ice call. Maybe not. Fios vs analog copper braided wire is a dedicated line from orgin to your set top box. Common analog cable is like a 4 lane highway. Every address is a car waiting to get on. At 3pm when the kiddies come home from school and log in, you data rates slow. Fios is digital–the speed of light. . Cable is dial up vs. HSI. I ‘ve enjoyed the past 23 yrs as a verizon maintence splicer. Thanks for being as customer. Lobby your elected borough, neighborhood authorities. It’s a fabulous product that hasn’t scratched the potential of its capabilities. I graduated 1985–waited 2 yrs for summer temp job, all because of this radical technolgy back then. BTW 4G will give you the speed, ancd bells and whistles of Fios—but it will be wireless. CWA brother from Penna.