In the News: Cortlandt Subway Station Update

••• “The Cortlandt Street subway station, which was seriously damaged on 9/11 and has been closed intermittently over the past decade, will finally reopen in its entirety five days before the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. The R-line station’s southbound service—out of commission since 2005—will be open for business Sept. 6.” Pictured: The northbound platform, which reopened in 2009. (New York Post)

••• Downtown Express interviews CB1 member Bill Love, who is moving to Virginia: “The thing I was most proud of was the position we took on the Islamic community center. There’s no way we should have dodged that issue. I think we took a very principled stand in favor of it in the face of a lot of really ugly pressure and hatred. I worked on shaping the resolution that we passed.”

••• Patuca, a deli on John Street, has closed. (Midtown Lunch)

••• 90 Washington rumored to be raising rents to pay for “luxury attaché.” (Curbed)

••• “The Affordable Housing Task Force of Community Board 1 has completed a report that maps out a strategy for preserving and expanding affordable housing options in Lower Manhattan.” (Broadsheet Daily) At the risk of sounding like a libertarian and/or a devil’s advocate, I don’t see why local government should get involved. It’s not like we’re Monte Carlo and there’s nowhere for the folks who work here to live (i.e., New York City has pretty good mass transit). I’m no urban planner, so if there’s something I’m missing please say so.



  1. Patuca was not a deli. It was basically a soup restaurant, having taken over from Daily Soup. In any case, we will miss it, as it was one of our quick-lunch places.

  2. @Suzanne: Thanks for the clarification. (I was working off Midtown Lunch’s description)

  3. I think if the teachers and cops and regular folk can’t live where they work, then a disconnect starts to grow. I would like my teachers not to have to travel an hour either way on top of the long day they put in, but they have to find sustainable rent in order to stay here…

    Then again, two people have told me lately that their rent is $800 a month (one lives in Queens, other in Coney Island) I couldn’t quite believe that that can still happen!