Restaurant Closed

Barzinho, the Brazilian restaurant that opened in January 2010 at 225 W. Broadway, has closed, the space having been seized by the city marshal on the landlord’s behalf (according to a notice posed in the window). It’s always sad to see a locally owned business go.

The restaurant had its share of identity crises, posting a pre-opening sign reading “Barzinho,” then opening as Leo’s Bar & Restaurant (after the owner, a Ford model), then changing its name back to Barzinho, a Portuguese-ish word in honor of its semi-relationship with Brazilian restaurant Casa (in the West Village); the menu switched to Brazilian, too. When I spoke with Leo on Sunday, he asked for a few days to see if he and his landlord could work something out. Yesterday, he said he was moving on: “I want to thank the Tribeca community, the community board for giving me this opportunity, and the patrons of Barzinho. It was a great experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Tribecans with a craving for Brazilian food still have Churrascaria Tribeca and Cachaçaria Boteco.



  1. That storefront is a hard sell. It seems that everything that opens there fails, no matter how good it is.

  2. Sad to see. Thought the food was pretty decent.

  3. That is sad .. went there a couple of times and food was quite good.