Based in Tribeca: Luminary Labs

There are a lot of interesting companies here, many with cool offices, and I’ve long wanted to find a way to spotlight them. So I was thrilled that Luminary Labs (at 185 Franklin) agreed to kick off a new series. (Email me at if you’d like to be next.)

Founded: 2009.

Mission: Luminary Labs builds the business models that make organizations resilient in the face of change. We do this by identifying the connective patterns within our clients’ marketplace, creating the internal conditions for success, and executing agile approaches to people, processes, and technology.

Who’s answering these questions: Sara Holoubek, CEO. [Pictured above.]

Moved to Tribeca in… Spring 2011.

From where? 20th Street, between Park and Broadway.

Why Tribeca? We sought a flexible space with full-floor identity, good light, and a kitchen. We initially avoided Tribeca, as I also live in the neighborhood and didn’t want to work too close to home. After five months of searching, we gave up on geographic restrictions and found the perfect space on Franklin Street. As a result, Canal Street has become my great psychological divide.

Number of staff members: We have cultivated a team of 50 across the globe. In New York we currently have 12 desks. Some of these are occupied by our New York staff; others are desks where anyone can plug in when they are in town.

What’s your office like? We are in the business of helping very large companies with great legacies adapt to the present and prepare for the future. Our decor reflects these ambitions. For example, we display all of our dot-com Internet schwag in a 19th-century pharmacy display case. We also value programmable environments. At any given time, we have the ability to reconfigure our working space. Our conference room feels intimate with two people, but with minor configuration can hold 20 people comfortably.

Any lunch favorites? Locanda Verde is our default for client or team lunches. The most frequent takeout spots are Columbine, Pécan, Yorganic, and Peace & Love. Lately we have been a bit obsessive about lunch. One day a young staffer relayed that he was having a hard time eating for less than $15 a day. So we challenged two analysts to see if they could eat a week’s worth of healthy, satisfying lunches for less than $50 in Tribeca. You can follow their choices at

After-work spots? Just about anywhere east of Greenwich between Duane and Canal. Personally, I take a walk along the water, which really is Tribeca’s greatest luxury.

Anything else we should know? We are currently hiring both analysts and more senior staff. We gravitate towards hyperflexible people who are passionate about business transformation. You can email us on hello (at) luminary-labs (dot) com.

Questions for Tribeca Citizen readers? In the spirit of the Tribeca Cheap Eats Chowdown, where is your favorite lunch under $10?

And now, the photos. The lofty office is divided into two main spaces, with the elevator and a kitchen area in the middle. To the left (south) as you exit the elevator is the bullpen, where desks line the walls; Holoubek’s is at the far end.

The conference area is the northern quarter of the floor. The “Internet schwag cabinet” Holoubek mentioned is located there.

A closet off of the conference room has been converted to a private meeting room/telephone booth, complete with a papier mâché zebra head mounted on the wall.

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  1. 92Y Cafe is your answer. Delicious, healthy, friendly staff, fantastic chef, extremely affordable.