Seen & Heard: Gym Closed

••• Metro Gym on Broadway closed just seven months after opening; it has to hurt that the “Grand Opening” sign never even had time to come down. The sign on the door cited the “current business financial status.”

••• Click to read the flyer (right) I spotted posted on a White Street building.

••• Pelavin Gallery is now Masters & Pelavin.

••• Besides the store it’s opening in 200 Chambers, Polarn O. Pyret is also opening one on Columbus Ave. Feel less special?

••• Did you hear about the Condé Nast elevator Twitter account? Funny stuff. Well, there’s now a Citigroup elevator one, @CitigrpElevator. Sample tweet: “[Brown-haired guy #1] to [Brown-haired guy #2] – can you believe Steve ALSO wore a blue shirt & khaki pants today? Damn!” Parody or the real thing?

••• Centrico chef Aaron Sanchez is evidently filming a TV show called “Aaron Loves NY” (left).

••• I was walking along Lispenard yesterday, when I noticed that not only has a Michael K. store (sneakers, sweats, etc.) opened at 326 Canal, but it has a door on Lispenard. The first two photos below are of the Lispenard frontage and the view from inside the store out toward Lispenard. The third photo is of another storefront, 302 Canal (I think), that also appears to be going through to Lispenard. Or maybe that’s just it’s back door.


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