Seen & Heard: Weill Cornell Office

••• From reader David: “The respected Weill Cornell Medical Associates, the practice associated with the teaching institution uptown, is opening an office at 40 Worth. It’ll be small compared to their UES and UWS offices, but connected to the same network, which is a very strong one.” Here’s the website page about it. There’ll be internal medicine and Obstetrics/Gynecology, obviously. “I learned this because the doctor I’ve been seeing for more than a decade has moved to this practice, which means I can go on seeing her (her previous practice stopped accepting insurance plans) and she’s just around the block from my home. She is Dr. Serena Mulhern, and she’s an outstanding physician. She’ll be there beginning next week.”

••• The Emigrant Savings Bank branch at 261 Broadway (between Chambers and Warren) is closing. You may know that block as the one that has (until now) four bank branches on it.

••• Prime Essentials has started its rewards program. Get $15 off after accumulating 300 points.

••• Anyone know a good place around here to find hot fudge sauce in a jar? Whole Foods only had squeeze-bottle types, and I’m looking for something more gourmet.


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  1. This is fantastic as we go to the UWS practice – and even greater if we find out our internist has moved to this new location.

    Yeah for Tribeca!