Seen & Heard: Tribeca Comedy Club

••• The downstairs at Brick NYC is now Tribeca Comedy Club. From its Twitter description: “Weekend-only shows & special performances begin this month.”

••• More news from Warren Street: Wall Street Humidor isn’t closed for good. It’s reopening the day after Labor Day with the same name. The guy I spoke with said it’d be a cigar store and smoking club (not sure if it was both before).

••• I finally tried La Colombe‘s Pure Black bottled coffee. It’s around $5 and you can get 75¢ back if you return the nifty bottle. I love La Colombe’s iced coffee—really drip coffee with espresso added—and Pure Black isn’t quite as powerful, but it’s still delicious. Buy some for your Go Bag.

••• Remember that Nosy Neighbor question about the pastry chef at Compose, Micah Phillips? Someone commented that he won’t be working at Atera—Compose’s replacement—after all. It wouldn’t be a shock, given that (a) he’s got a lot of buzz, and (b) Compose’s rep won’t respond to a request for clarification. I’ve also reached out to Phillips, to no avail.

••• Back in June, I mentioned a Village Voice item about places to dine after getting married at the City Clerk’s office. It included Bangal Curry on W. Broadway, so I commented that the restaurant had closed (and, as we now know, Dr. Michel Cohen of Tribeca Pediatrics is turning the space in to a lunch spot/wine bar). I recently noticed that someone commented on the Voice item that Bangal Curry had moved to 111 Church, so I finally made it over for a mea culpa (mea gulpa?) lunch. It turns out that the two Bangal Currys aren’t related. I enjoyed my lunch well enough; for $5, the vegetarian plate is quite a deal, even if there were a few too many “baby” carrots for my taste. I’ll be adding Bangal Curry to the Tribeca Restaurant Guide soon.


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