Nosy Neighbor: Where Is Compose’s Pastry Chef Cooking Now?

Oh, no! Compose closed! (But I’m sure you knew that.) That pastry chef was amazing. Do you know where he’s cooking now? —Jeremy

The pastry chef was Micah Phillips, who had worked with Compose chef Nick Curtin at Noma in Copenhagen. I emailed Eamon Rockey, general manager of Compose—which will reopen in September as Atera—with Matt Lightner (recently of Campagna Castagna in Portland, Ore.). Rockey had this to say: “Though Matt will be taking over both sweet and savory, Micah will still be on the team cooking under Matt’s guidance.” Before this question came in, I didn’t know who Compose’s pastry chef was, and when I poked around, I realized that my partner and I sat next to him when I ate at Compose. (He hadn’t started working there yet.) Also: Phillips evidently wears jeans a lot.

UPDATE 8/30: Compose/Atera’s PR firm confirmed that Phillips will indeed be moving on.

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  1. Here is more about Micah Phillips in this Q & A. Plus where he eats on his days off:

  2. actually, this is not so true anymore. he’ll be taking his pastry elsewhere.